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Kevin LeBron, Designer

Tampa, FL

What about me?

I'm a father, health and wellness enthusiast, and skater. I love nature and currently live in Florida where there is plenty of wildlife, great food, and no winter so I get to skate year round!

How did you get into Design? Story Time!

I got into design from making a flyer when I was about 10 years old. My dad let me and my little brother use the extra push mowers and weed-wakers to start our own little summer job. My mother told us to make a flyer with contact info and hand it out to all the neighbors. We had a Gateway desktop computer and MS Paint, and I created a very colorful flyer for my little business. We handed them out and I got a lot of compliments on the flyer, so the neighbors not only wanted the lawn service but also a young designer to make their event or business flyers. Thats how it started!

What made you pursue Design as a career?

I started to look into design as a career when I was 13 years old. I grew up a skater and with that industry marketing and design is everywhere. I created a logo and shirt graphics for my first clothing line. Although it didn't last more than a couple years, I became so passionate about design and wanted to learn everything I could. 

When did you land your first Job as a Designer?

I was 16 years old, still in high school but there was a tech school course I was taking in design. There was a job fair I attended and I was able to land a paid internship with Huxley United Envelope. There I had clients like Transworld magazines, Verizon, and Travelers Insurance. My job was to work with the print design team and create magazine/direct mail marketing ads. It was a fast paced environment and put me to the test at a young age.

What sets you apart from other Designers?

Versatile, resourceful and multitalented. I've worked in so many different roles as a creative. I can create logos, marketing ads both digital and print, build brands, edit video, photos, produce 3d motion graphics, animate high def special effects and design websites. I understand each process because I took the time to learn how to use each Adobe tool available. Although Im a team player, I can play different roles comfortably and adapt to meet the job or clients needs. Ultimately I want to be able to make the vision you have in your head a reality. And with this magic design skill I've learned over the last 15 years I can do it. 

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