Author, Youth Mentor/Public Speaker, Musician.

I, King Fatai have been working with Kevin LeBron for about a year and half now, and since the first day I met him, he was a stand up guy!!! He’s very passionate and dedicated, and it all shows in his work. He takes his time and get the job done right; every project that we have worked on including the creation of my logo and the building of my brand has always been a quality work of art. He always seems to amaze me with his ideas and creativity; and together we are able to make a vision come to life. Kevin has become more than my graphic designer, he has become a close brother and I can’t thank him enough for helping me to achieve everything I set out to achieve! Thank you Kevin LeBron for everything; you are truly an exceptional graphic designer but overall you are truly a great person and friend! God bless!


Musician and Licensed Barber.

Have no complaints about your work, in designing your like my barber. Great, awesome designs, anything from scratch. 10/10 from me I recommended you to everyone that need artwork design or professional pictures.


Cinematographer/FCPX Editor

As a Content creator and artist myself I generally set my level of expectation from my Piers at a higher level than what’s considered usual. I’ve worked on collaborations with Kevin lebron on various projects and have always been impressed with not only his out of the box creative abilities but his professionalism and how he deals with clients. Like many successful artist Kevin lebron treats all his projects with a level obsession and focus. Sometimes I Envy his work ethic and dedication.

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